Birth in Belize

Maya’s Wonderful Continuing Work in Belize

In 2003 I traveled to Belize for the first time to initiate my studies of midwifery. I was so inspired by my teacher there that I knew that I wanted to be proactive in supporting midwifery care & midwifery education in Belize in the future. Since then I have continued to spend time there every year and I consider Belize to be my second home.

In 2013 I volunteered part time in a public hospital in Belize and have since had the opportunity to attend births in a variety of settings. In 2014 I co-founded BEAM, Belize Education & Advancement of Midwifery. BEAM is a community organization dedicated to broadening the awareness of midwifery care, maternal and child health, and the well-being of mothers and babies.