Here’s What Our Wonderful Families Have to Say About Working with Maya and Mama Earth Midwifery!

When I found out I was pregnant the only person I could imagine being my Midwife was Maya Carlos Throughout my whole pregnancy Maya visited me on a regular basis checking in with me, not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual levels.  She not only became my Midwife, through this experience she also became my dear friend.  On the day my son entered this world, three weeks early, I chose to have him at home in the most natural way possible.  
I chose Maya to attend my birth because she is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and because of this she was able to give me the essential tools I needed to be empowered to have my baby at home.  As I had hoped, I was able to have a completely natural childbirth at home, with no medications or unnecessary interventions.  I couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing and caring woman to guide me through this amazing experience.  I would recommend Maya to any woman looking for a Midwife.  Following my birth May visited several times to provide postnatal care to myself and my baby.  We are both happy and healthy, and we owe part of this experience to Maya.  I am not only grateful that Maya was my Midwife, I am grateful for the inspiration she brought into my life.

Heather Flikkema

Santa Rosa, CA

With hormones and emotions changing to accommodate the new little being in my belly, I was a bit anxious. And I focused my anxiety on this question: where are we going to have this baby. I have, as long as I can remember, known that I wanted a home birth. The idea just felt right. I know that hospitals have their place, but birth is this insanely incredible and beautiful experience. A gift. And this gift deserves to be respected and nurtured in every possible way, every step of the way. But oh the hormones, how they made me question. And our situation, I thought, was a little different than most. We live “back a bush in rural Belize an hour plus to any type of medical facility. Was this too far? Too risky?” I jumped in head first reading and researching like a maniac, everything making me feel more confident in my decision to birth at home (everything except most of the people I talked to, especially my family)!

I was introduced to Maya. And she is amazing. She had the credentials to make me feel confident in approaching her with the proposition of being our midwife. She had the experience to back up those credentials. And then there is Maya herself: Confident and knowledgeable, down to earth and relaxed, patient and focused, organized and professional. She is an absolute perfect balance of all the qualities I was looking for in a midwife.

I had a very long active labor. Very long, very active. Maya new exactly what was going on at all times, and stayed close, but also gave us space to ride it out. In fact one thing I brag about when talking about Maya is how she anticipated the possibility of a long labor based on my medical history and a procedure I had years ago. She brought theappropriate homeopathy and the appropriate confidence and “you can do it” attitude that got me through. My confidence never wavered knowing she was there.

Maya also dealt beautifully with my parents who had flown in from the states expecting to greet a new baby, but rather came in right in the middle of labor. They were nervous. They had questions. Maya had them calm confident and lending a helping hand in no time. No small task. 🙂

If, or when we decide to have another child, I will be calling Maya immediately. She is the reason we have a beautiful thriving little girl naturally!

Brooks McGowin Parrish

Rancho Dolores, Belize

I found out I was pregnant for the first time in 2011. I was pretty sure from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife, but knew little else about the process. Our neighbor at the time had recently had a baby and enthusiastically recommended their midwife, Maya to us.

Maya guided me through my first pregnancy with grounded knowledge and experience, warmth, openness, humor, and a quiet, careful attentiveness that ultimately allowed me to experience my pregnancy and labor in the best possible way I could have ever imagined; with heightened awareness, and an absolute trust that I could go as deep into the experience as I wanted to, knowing that I had exactly the kind of support I needed. Maya was the midwife for my second pregnancy as well, and I loved the seamless continuity of that; a continuing process and conversation, with an outcome and experience that I couldn’t be happier with. I have learned so much from her, both as a professional, and also as what I consider her now; a friend.

Thea Ringer

Santa Rosa, CA

My husband and I had the privilege of working with Maya for our second baby. We liked her the moment we met her and that feeling only grew throughout the pregnancy. She has a very nurturing, kind hearted energy, which puts you at ease immediately. Maya is very knowledgeable and confident in her abilities. She was available to see us and answer any questions we had. At our appointments she made us feel important and loved, never rushed. We had a beautiful and perfect home birth. Maya was an essential part of our experience. Thank you sweet Maya for helping us bring our little River into this world in the kindest, safest, most amazing way possible. 

Mindy Kelley and PJ Bruggeman

Potter Valley, CA

On March 9th, I gave birth to my first child. Maya Carlos was my midwife. I think that not a lot of first time home birth moms can compare, first hand, the difference between mainstream care and that of a qualified and capable midwife. Because it was my first pregnancy I decided to receive care through a nurse midwife based womenʼs clinic alongside care from Maya. My decision to do this was not based on doubt of Mayaʼs capabilities but more as a backup in case I did have to be transported to the hospital. If that were to happen I would have been under the care of the clinic and not a random OB. The difference in pre natal care that I received between the clinic and Maya was huge.
At the clinic I would sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes to then be moved to a room to wait 10 more minutes all to be able to see the midwife (a different one every time) for a total of 5 minutes. My brief visits with these midwives always felt rushed. In Mayaʼs care on the other hand, I never felt rushed, never waited more than a few minutes, if at all, and always felt that she actually cared about me and my growing baby. Not only would she ask me about what was happening with my body but also asked about my personal experience and about my life in general. I always felt comfortable and never felt pressured to share more than I wanted.
At the birth, which was beautiful, Maya was composed and grounded. She gave my husband and me the space to fully participate in bringing our child into the world. Postnatal care was as consistent as pre natal. She visited my home 3 times in the first week.

I honestly feel that I could not have received better care. It may go without saying but, I will say it anyway, my husband and I would love to have Maya as our midwife again. Professional, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, and confident. She is awesome!

Caryn Fisher

Willits CA

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Maya Carlos. We have had the opportunity to work together in community events and I’ve seen Maya’s dedication in life. She has a great willingness to help. a positive outlook and holds integrity that I admire. Maya has not only become a dear friend of mine, she has also become someone I look up to in my life.
Maya is the type of person that will always make time for you, even if she has a lot happening on in her personal life. She is reliable, selfless, humble and kind. She inspires me as a woman and in my future aspirations to become a Midwife. Maya is someone I learn from and consider a mentor. I’ve also had the privilege to accompany Maya in some of her prenatal visits and she has taught me so much. I feel she really goes above and beyond in her work. She not only meets all standards in Midwifery care, she also helps families to be empowered through their birth experiences. She takes incredible care in all that she does.
I really can’t say enough about Maya, she is a true asset to her community, and anyone who knows her would say the same. I feel blessed to have her in my life, Maya has so much to offer and teach in her lifetime!!

Kathryn Wortham

Santa Rosa, CA